I love designing pretty much anything and it seems that most people, at some point or another, come to a crossroads and need something made especially for a specific purpose.

This led me to teach myself electronics and electrical design. Below are some of the projects and ideas that I’ve played around with over the past couple of years.


GPS Tracker

  • Want to go for a hike and keep track of your GPS position altitude and speed?  How about automatically exporting it to something Google Earth can read?  Yeah, I wanted that too.  So I made one!

Sous Vide cooker

  • Okay, this was for my wife.  Turns out she could care less that I spent a ton of time learning PID controllers to make it and she was completely unimpressed with it after several months of work.  It does cook one hell of a steak though…

Trigger Happy (v0.9 and v1.0)

  • Need to fire 64 Canon cameras at once?  Yeah…I can do that.

Near Space Balloon – Project “Eye-in-the-Sky”

  • This one is still a work in progress and had to be cut off for logistical reasons.  Mount 4 GoPros to a housing with all the weather recording gear you could cram into it and float it back down to earth at a specified location.  The electronics are easy.  The guidance system, not so much.  Building a capsule that can withstand huge differences in temperature and speed and crash landing nearly 2kg of camera gear in an apartment just above the building managers?  Nearly impossible.

Wildfire Horizon

  • Not saying too much about this one, but the motorcycle crowd should love it…

Facial tracking/scanning hybrid system

  • New idea for an upcoming TV show that somebody told me couldn’t be done.


I plan to add some photos and schematics in a while, but not at this particular moment.


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